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Alexandra Billings & Chrisanne Blankenship - Chicago Gay History Profile

Alexandra & Chrisanne's profiles on Chicago Gay History website



Chrisanne and I on our wedding day at The Bailwick Theatre December 4 1995

Bobby (4 years old) and Scott (8 months). Underneath the shade of a fine Oak tree.

Scott at 6 years old. Me before the invention of silicone.

Papal (Chrisanne's Grandfather) Chrisanne, and Nannee (Grandmother) on Papal's boat. Sailing, the thing Chrisanne loves almost more than me.

Frieda and Mimi (my Mother). Two best friends.

My favorite picture of my Dad. He's conducting at The Civic Light Opera House in California. Now I know where I get my obsessiveness from.

Me, kneeling in my Capezios, in a failed attempt to become s SERIOUS dancer. Our group was called Dansation. We weren't.

Shante. The transformation begins, and boy do I have attitude.

Shante, some guy, Diana McKay (my Hero in the late 70's) and Danielle. HE seems happy, doesn't he?

Me, Kelly Lauren (my Bridesmaid at my wedding), and Maya Douglas. From The Baton days. I saw Maya not too long ago, and she looks EXACTLY the same. I think she's got a portrait of herself in her attic.

Troi. Adventure Cat.

Uhura. Scaredy Cat.

Tatiana. Psycho Cat.

Me as "Natasha" in "Cannibal Cheerleaders On Crack". My breasts have now been seen by every drunk frat boy from here to Idaho.

The cast of "Terminal Bar". I played The Statue of Liberty who comes to life after the apocalypse. Naked, of course.

Jamie Pachino, (as Alice Tokals) and me (as Gertrude Stein) in my first dramatic play at Straw Dog Theatre. This was directed by Chrisanne Blankenship, and at the time, I had no idea it was a comedy.

My very first gig doing my cabaret act. Please take note of the perm.

Chrisanne and I on vacation in Hawaii. How CUTE is she????

Chrianne and I at Honey West's Birthday party.

Chrisanne and I living out my fantasy.

My Mother In Law with a Bugs Bunny hat on.

Jan and Jim Blankenship. My parents-in-Law. I've known them since I was 14 years old. Which was only 10 years ago. Do the math.

From L to R.: Chrisanne, Tamara (Jay's wife), Jay, (Chrisanne's brother) Jan, Little Jacob (in her lap) me, and Jim. Eating.

A picture taken by my Father In Law at their house on the lake. Magnificent.

Me (with flaming red hair) and my good friend Jackie Hoffman. She was recently on Broadway in "Hairspray". The funniest woman on earth.

Me as Joy in "Shadowlands" and Brendan who played my son. I loved doing this show. It was directed by Chrisanne.

"When you polish the floor, you have MOVE the TREE!"

Michael Sanders. My adopted brother, and a genius of a make up artist.

Michael was Faye Dunaway's personal assistant for about a year. I got a chance to meet her, and this is one of memories from that night. Glamorous, eh?

Another brilliant make up artist, Jefrey O'Hearn. Taken way too soon.

The cast of "Death Defying Acts". This was taken in a real cemetary. And we weren't near drunk enough.

Me as "Chieko Shima", in my first grown up musical Son Of Fire, at The Bailiwick, directed by David Zak.

From L to R.: Mimi, Me, Chili Pepper (part of our family), my brother Bob, Chrisanne, and my Dad. We're celebrating Mimi and Bob's birthday at the Pump Room, and we ran into Chili. Color me surprised.

Bekka, my understudy, and myself as Frau Bleucher in a disasterous musical called "Jung Franeknstien:. Don't ask.

Me and Mike Nessbaum in my first show at The Steppenwolf: Time To Burn. Mike's reading the funnies.

Mariann Mayberry, Paul Mullins, and myself backstage after a performance of "Time To Burn". We were the three musketeers.

Kissing my favorite wife on the opening night of "Time To Burn".

Me, as Alessandra in "Time To Burn". I played a homeless person. A very dirty homeless person.

The cast of Time To Burn in the hallway of Steppenwolf. I blew the bubbles. Maryanne Mayberry is catching them in her mouth. This is what serious actors do.

From L. to R.: Tina Landau (director of Time To Burn) Irma P. Hall, Me, and the adorable Paul Mullins at the Joseph Jefferson Awards. We won that night for Best Ensemble. I'm wearing aluminum foil.

Me as "Bad Xena", in Xena-Live! at About Face Theatre. Am I butch or what?

Dawn Sam (Aphrodite), me (as Xena), and Loretta (Callisto). Dawn Sam is lacing me up, and Lorretta is grabbing my.....she's grabbing me.

Tom Irwin and me at his house in California. Tom and I did "Space" together at the Steppenwolf.

Holding one of my trinkets from "Space".

My favorite picture of Mariann during the run of "Space". Gorgeous.

As Mother Superior in Next Theatre's production of "The Adventures Of Herculina". I played a Nun. Shut up.

The brilliant cast of "Amanda and Eve", the first play I wrote & produced at The Bailiwick and directed by Chrisanne. The play was a lesbian version of the Hepburn/Tracey film "Adam's Rib".

From L. to R.: Tim Zingelman (another part of our family...he IS Macgyver), Chrisanne, and my Dad at the opening night party of "Gypsy". David Zak cast me as Rose, and it was a dream come true. This was the last picture of my Father before he passed.

The strippers of "Gypsy" and myself taking a break at rehearsal.

Jolene Silverman, Tim Zingelman, Chrisanne, me, Tina Fey, and the uber gifted Michael Thomas on the opening night of "Hamlet The Musical".

From L. to R.: Jeff Richmond (Hamlet, and co writer), Tina Maloney (Ophelia) Me (Gertrude) Michael Thomas (Claudius, and co writer). Kneeling: Jack (Leartes) and Tom as Polonius. "Hamlet-The Musical" went to Off-Off Broadway at the Ars Nova Theatre. The Show That Wouldn't Die.

The last picture of me and Mimi taken in her home in Laguna Hills. She and I came full circle.

Honey West (one of my best friends) and I singing like idiots at her Birthday party.

Bill Underwood and me at The Gentry on State Street in Chicago. Bill is one of the great jazz pianists around. I'm wearing a belt from the 70's.

Me at the Gentry being far too dramatic.

Closing night of "Time To Burn", I asked Paul to strike a melancholy pose. This is what I got.

Gino DeLuca. The second accompaniast I had. Genius. And the man of a million medleys.

Me and Ralph Lampkin on the photo shoot for our first CD "Being Alive". The picture was snapped by the delicious Brian Mconkey. Ralph is the of friend that always keeps me laughing, even when things aren't so funny. We've known each other since 1982.

A discarded picture idea for the cover of "Being Alive" Snapped by The Boy Genius Brian McConckey.

Radiant Amy Matheny, and equally dolled up Alanda Coon backstage at the taping of "The Story Goes On, the live album we did at The Theatre Building in Chicago.

Cutie pie Jacob Hoffman, and musician extraordinairre Trey Maclin, also backstage.

More pics backstage: Russ Long, the finest musican I know, and singer/actor Stephen Rader. We couldn't have done the project without any of these people.

Lindsay and Jamie Jones. Remember Jamie from the top of the pics? This is the reason the CD Ralph and I finished: "The Story Goes On", was developed. For Huck. He would be the one in the oven.

Molly Gearen, Chrisanne and I at Molly's birthday party. I'm a tad too happy, doncha think?

Chrisanne and I in front, and Eric McCool (brilliant web guy and dear, dear friend) at Splash Mountain in Disneyworld.
Notice the difference between Chrisanne and I. And thus is the pinnacle of our relationship.

Me at the I Love Lucy Museum at Universal Studios. hero.

Me by the Hollywood sign during the filming of my first movie for ABC: "Romy and Michelle-In the Beginning".

Me as "Donna", in Romy and Michelle. I had a chair with my name on it. I felt special.

Me waving out of my trailor like Joan Crawford. "You expect me to ignore my FANS?? They are life and death to me BABY!"- JC

The cast of Romy and Michelle at a wrap dinner. In the middle is the brilliant Robin Schiff (director extraordinairre). Look at me surrounded by all these gorgeous girls, and clutching on the only man at the table thinking: "My youth! My youth! Where did it go??!"

Chrisanne at Universal Studios, with her head in a shark.

From L. to R.: Maryanne Lopinto, Yummy Karen Mason, and me. We performed at Maryanne's "Cabaret On The Record", at Arci's Place in New York.

Erv Rabel and I during the MAC Awards in New York.

Jim Flint, owner of The Baton, me and Chrisanne at The Gentry on State St.

Me and Linda Clifford backstage. Nice hair, Alex.

Mary Beidler Gearen, Molly, and Jim Gearen. Mary directed "Before I Disappear" at the Bailwick, in Boston, and for our Off Broadway debut at The Producer's Club. She is a magnificent director, and a dear, dear friend.

Me holding my MAC Award that Maryanne had flown in from New York to surprise me. The reason it says July 4 behind me, is we were doing an all female version of "1776", that was conceived by Chrisanne Blankenshp,and directed by her and Peter Reynolds. Hollis Resnik played John Adams. I got to sing "Mollases To Rum". It was one of my favorite nights.

Me and my good friend Barb Wolf at The Gentry on State.

Mike Checuga, one of our dearest friends, and a heck of a single guy. He quit smoking Ladies, don't be afraid.

Norman (my makeup guy) and me as "Lois" in an episode of "Karen Sisco" for ABC. It was a great group of people, and Norman and I laughed ourselves into a coma.

Between takes on the set of "Karen Sisco" Note the pink fuzzy slippers, the night gown, and the handcuffs. Things haven't really changed much, have they?

Before I Disappear - OFF BROADWAY NYC
Before I Disappear - NYC
Off-Broadway Production

Bobby BurgessMe and Bobby Burgess at The Avery Schrieber in North Hollywood. I was in "Twist" another musical version of "Oliver Tiwst", and Bobby popped up in the lobby. His son was dating a cast member at the time and I begged her on hands and knees to introduce us. He grabbed me, and I transformed into Cissy. Life changing.

Alexandra Billings and Cast of Grey's Anatomy Win 2007 GLAAD Media Award
2007 GLAAD Media Awards
Alexandra Billings, Mark Wilding, Kate Walsh, Neil Giuliano - GLAAD Pres., Sara Ramirez and T.R. Knight of Grey's Anatomy
Alexandra and Chrisanne - Emmys Panel Discussion - May 29, 2008May 29, 2008: Me and Chrisanne getting ready for a red carpet event at The Emmys. We shmoozed with Billy Crystal and Bruce Vilanch. Candis Cayne and I were the only Transgender actors there. I'm looking forward to the day when we're just one of the crowd.
Alexandra Billings crowned Miss Florida
Being Crowned Ms. Florida 19XX
(left to right)
Ms. Patti Cakes, Ms. Monica Munro, Alexandra, Ms. Esme Russell and Ms. Kelly Anderson.
Alexandra Billings as WHORE CLOWN in Bootleg Theatre's production of IL BIDONEThe brilliant Katherine Brandt who produced Shakespeare in The Cemetery (with her Tall Blondes partner Brianna Johnson) and I in our clown outfits doing "Il Bidone" at The Bootleg Theatre. She is Attitude Clown, and I am, ofcourse, without apologies, Whore Clown.